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Speculations on Valhalla

With the fall of dark market giants such as the Silk Road, AlphaBay, and Hansa, there are ongoing speculations as to what is about to transpire for Valhalla since several users in subreddit forums are complaining that they cannot access their funds..

Arms Dealer Jailed after Trying to Buy Grenade from the Dark Web

An arms dealer named Umair Khan was recently jailed after getting caught buying guns and ammunition illegally from darknet sites. He went by the alias, “cheeko412” on dark web markets to buy weapons, which he then sold to organized crime groups and even young boys.

Drug dealer using dark web to sell fentanyl jailed for over 13 years

A drug dealer who sold substances including the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl on the dark web has been jailed for more than 13 years. In what was described by police as the first case of its kind because of the sophisticated use of technology, Ross Brennan, 28, was sentenced for conspiring with his university friend Aarron Gledhill, 30, to import and sell class A drugs. York crown court heard that Brennan, who continued to sell drugs despite knowing that some of his customers had died, sold substances including fentanyl, which is 100 times more potent than heroin.

Two Men Sentenced to Four Months for Buying 610 Ecstasy Pills

On August 30, Customs officers in Paris intercepted two packages that amongst “thousands of others” contained significant weights of several illegal substances. A K-9 unit, officers said, noticed the packages. Barely more than two weeks later, at the Criminal Court of Clermont-Ferrand, the package recipients and others involved received their sentences. Customs officers traced the package back to the intended recipients: 20-year-old and a 23-year-old. The package, opened by the 20-year-old at his apartment, contained 610 ecstasy pills, 113 grams of hashish, and 9 grams of marijuana. Police officers found an additional 100 grams of amphetamine while searching the building. While the package belonged to both men, both were in the apartment at the time, and the amphetamine belonged to the younger of the two.

German Duo Bought Darknet Drugs to Resell

Since 2015, according to an announcement by German police in, a couple in Aichwald had ordered and resold ecstasy, amphetamine, and hashish from darknet vendors. The couple had allegedly set up “shop” in an apartment in Aichwald, a small municipality in the Esslingen district of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. From there, in addition to buying drugs for resale, they pressed ecstasy tablets. A 37-year-old male suspect is currently in police custody. A package interception in February led to their September 14th arrest. Police officials explained that investigators seized a “suspicious package” addressed to the 34-year-old fiance in mid-February. At the time of the announcement, the Esslingen police had not clarified how they had connected the couple’s activities to the year 2015. The investigation, however, allegedly began with the package seizure.

Bitcoin News Roundup 24.9.17

Last week, as reported by DeepDotWeb, JP Morgan’s chief executive Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a “fraud” and stated that he would fire any employee trading the cryptocurrency, as according to him it was both “stupid” and against the bank’s rules. The banker even compared Bitcoin to the tulip bulb craze in the 17th century. His comments led the cryptocurrency’s price down by about 24% and, the same day the price went down, JP Morgan bought about €3 million in Bitcoin ETNs. The bank later stated that the purchase was made on behalf of clients, but that didn’t stop a cryptocurrency market maker, Blockswater, from filing a market abuse report with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.